One Way

by Golden Bug

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One way for starting this press release would be telling you that a new La Belle release is going to break down for the pre-xmas orgasmic chill / another way would be telling you that Golden Bug, our favorite SH-101 armed insect, is back with One Way, a 101% Golden Bug distilled bomb meant to detonate in your legs.And between your legs. In a good way I mean.Like – a sexual detonation.

A sexual detonation which is also the first single out Golden Bug's upcoming new album V.I.C.T.O.R., out soon on La Belle. Yes, after his universally acclaimed Hot Robot, the bug's going to do it again.
This one-way trip to Boogieland, LB*, features Mike Giffts and Leo Hellden from psych-pop oriented new wave masters Tristesse Contemporaine.
It sounds like something really fat and analog. Like a dirty, greasy Mark Bolan with a drum machine stuck up his throat. Awesomely shredding, mind-bending guitar driven disco this is.

On remix duties, electronic music living myths Freeform Five deliver an incredible, crazily addictive Groovathon dripped in their trademark sound. La Belle aficionados kids In Fields furtherly explore their sound by turning One Way into a mellow, progressively ascending behemoth.
Kasper Bjorke's shivers-sending remix reminds us that one way or another we'll find ourselves in a really dark place with strobe lights, pitched-down vocals, mirrored walls, no signal on the phone et cetera. Copycat & Martin Brodin bring it back to the aciiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeed UNTIL THAT PIANO ARRIVES AND KA-BOOM.

One way to end this press release would be a really catchy sentence,
something like The Bug is back / another way would just be telling you to press the damn play button and give a look for yourself to this first bite from V.I.C.T.O.R.


released December 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Golden Bug Paris, France

« A fresh batch of adult disco from the club psych to the robo-pinballs you'll be seeing shapes and dancing with colors ».

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